Zildjian K Custom Dark 20

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Manufacturer: Zildjian

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UPN: 642388111437

Overdrive your pings and dings with power using the Zildjian K Custom Dark 20-inch RideCymbal. This entry in the K Custom series by Zildjian Sound Labs is the very definition of innovation with its sable, genial undertones and trashy accents; it is the benchmark for contemporary cymbal design. The Zildjian K Custom Dark 20-inch RideCymbal maintains the traditional 80 to 20 copper-tin ratio but provides you with increased volume. Enjoy the finely finished and skillfully buffed cymbal that is packed full of power. The cymbal also features a high-quality stick definition with a full-flavored yet dry sound. Items in the K Custom series also allow you to vary your K sounds. Get the cordial shimmering tones of the Zildjian K Custom Dark 20-inch RideCymbal, and give your drum set a distinctively alluring sound.

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