Thorogood 807 6000 Shoes for Men -

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Manufacturer: Thorogood

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Perhaps the name of these boots sounds dramatic, but Hellfire is what it can feel like when youre in the middle of the dangerous chaos of fighting a fire. These Thorogood 807-6000 Lined Hellfire Boots are built to let you keep your mind on your work rather than worrying about your footgear. The body of this boot is made of vulcanized rubber (More Than You Wanted To Know Dept.: Charles Goodyear invented this process to make rubber more durable, had nothing to do with the famous company, and died in debt.) lined with knit Kevlar, a fabric five times stronger than steel. Both these layers are flame-resistant, and the Thorogood Hellfire Boots meet the standards of the National Fire Protection Association. When youre in a structure on fire, smoke can make visibility problematic, so you dont always know where youre stepping. These boots have cushioned shin guards to minimize bone-jarring accidents and puncture-resisting steel midsoles to protect against jagged objects littering

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