T079120 Black Ink Cartridge - 843964013705

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UPN: 843964013705

As a black ink cartridge, refills for Epson printers range from low capacity cartridges to high capacity black ink that is designed to last. The T079120 black ink is designed to work with Artisan 1430 printers as well as Stylus Photo 1400 printers and PX830FWD printers and well. This ink cartridge is labeled as a high capacity cartridge that is capable of printing page after page of crisp and clear black or grayscale pages. The black ink cartridge is designed to be a one-time use cartridge to replace empty units from printers that are designed to produce high-quality printouts. The T079120 black ink is even designed to work with photo print outs and is of high enough quality to work with almost any print job that is thrown at it. The ink cartridge comes filled with Epson Claria Ink and is both reliable and high capacity enough to be used not only in home units, but in businesses as well. The black ink cartridge is capable of handling almost any job with a high quality and clear print ability.

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