T078520 Light Cyan Ink Cartridge - 010343860735

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UPN: 010343860735

Long-lived and versatile, this cartridge is a perfect choice for printing out thousands of letters and Web pages. This light cyan ink cartridge is a super solution for getting the most out of your printer. Providing easy installation and superb print quality, this cartridge has it all. The T078520 is a snap to install, so you can confidently make use of it in your printer and resume your work. This cartridge is designed for speedy performance, which means you are able to repeatedly generate captivating posters, college papers, and cartoons. What's more, this light cyan ink cartridge has a vibrant water-based ink, therefore you can delight in the colorful images and eye-popping details when printing scrapbooks, documentation, and Gantt charts. Because the T078520 has a great service life, you will be able to produce pages and pages of charts, images, and reading materials.

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