Nearly Natural 27 in. Triple Stem Phalaenopsis Silk Orchid Flower Arrangement 1017-OR - 810709004434

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Manufacturer: Nearly Natural

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UPN: 810709004434

Nearly Natural 1017-CR Looking for the perfect orchid with absolutely no maintenance? The 27" triple stem phalaenopsis is a classic orchid to be enjoyed by all, even the most discriminating customer. Each silk plant comes with three beautiful phalaenopsis stems each with 6 flowers and 2 buds. Finished with a gorgeous glazed ceramic vase designed to coordinate with any decor, this beauty will bring color and life into any space. Features: -Silk orchid arrangement. -Cream color. -Three beautiful stems with 6 phalaenopsis orchid flowers and two buds. -Lush green natural looking leaves. -Stylish ceramic pot.

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