Lexmark #35 (18C0035) Color/Yellow/More than one color/Black Ink Cartridge - 734646957601

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UPN: 734646957601

With an ability to deliver up to 475 - 550 pages, the Lexmark 35 18C0035 cartridge is suitable for medium to high-volume printing applications. This Lexmark cartridge shares compatibility with Lexmark P6350, X3330, Z1420, Z816, P915, X3350, and few other models. The images produced by this color cartridge look excellent with deep and rich colors that last. Further, this Lexmark cartridge produces exceptional prints that are fade resistant on plain as well as photo papers. From deep blacks to bright colors, this color cartridge delivers excellent prints with a performance that’s difficult to beat. Altogether, the Lexmark 35 18C0035 conveniently satisfies all your day-to-day home and office printing requirements.

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