Lexmark #34 (18C0034) Black Ink Cartridge - 8717868014729

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UPN: 8717868014729

With an ability to deliver up to 475 - 550 pages, the Lexmark #34 18C0034 cartridge is suitable for medium to high-volume printing applications at home or at office. Utilizing the inkjet cartridge technology, this Lexmark cartridge offers speedy printing with exceptional color quality. You can expect professional quality prints that come out with bold and crisp details using this black cartridge. The advanced formula used in this Lexmark cartridge produces results that are smudge, fade and streak resistant. This black cartridge offers clog-free ink delivery ensuring an optimum and reliable print quality. You can use the Lexmark #34 18C0034 with printer models Z815, Z816, P915, X5250, X5270, P6250, and few other Lexmark models.

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