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Gamers can mix and match their own custom LEGO squad and fight their way through more than 70 block-busting levels in LEGO Battles. There are six different storylines designed to expand on the popular "LEGO Castle," "LEGO Pirates," and "LEGO Space" themed toys, and players can choose to fight with or against a variety of characters and creatures from each theme. Gamers build and design their own base of operations, then head into battle using more than 50 playable characters and 30 different vehicles. Multiplayer fans can also hook up via wireless multi-card play and pit their favorite group of knights, ninjas, and pirates against a friend's crew of wizards, aliens, and dragons.

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Nintendo DS LEGO Battles, Multicolor Players build their own Lego bases and battle teams by mixing and matching units of 55 playable characters and 30 vehiclesto create the ultimate Lego squad. Distinct story lines and 90 different levels focus on three main themes Lego space, Lego castle and Lego pirates. Single player or free play modes unlock hidden tresures. Multiplayer mode allows players to fight against a friend on 30 different maps. Details: Platform:Nintendo DS ... $ 18.89 +8.95 shipping 2.31 out of 5
  • Tech Details

    • Game Special Features
    • Build a custom base and head into battle with more than 50 different playable characters

    • Explore six distinct storylines and more than 70 unique game levels

    • Join a friend for mix-and-match wireless multiplayer action

    • Control Elements Gamepad/Joystick
    • Number of Players 1-3
    • Release Year 2009
    • ESRB Descriptor Cartoon Violence, Comic Mischief
  • Key Features

    • Rating E - Everyone
    • Genre Strategy
    • Platform Nintendo DS
  • Product Identifiers

    • UPC 883929069859
    • Game LEGO Battles
    • MPN 883929069859
  • Other Features

    • Brand Warner Bros. Interactive
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