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Manufacturer: Nintendo

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UPN: 078073273614

The brand that began the run on interactive hidden object titles in late 1990s returns to gamers with a story reminiscent of the 2007 motion picture Sunshine in I Spy Universe. Players head to outer space on board a rocket carrying a generator designed to recharge the fading sun, and along the way they must stop at a dozen different planets to collect important parts for the generator. There are more than 400 objects spread throughout 36 different I Spy riddles, and players can earn fuel to unlock new planets by taking on six logic puzzles.

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Nintendo DS I SPY Universe, Multicolor Explore 12 different planets to solve I SPY riddles and games. Search for over 400 objects, bringing out your inner sleuth. Unlock new planets and riddles while saving the universe. Save up to four challenges, allowing you to switch between games without losing your hard work. Details: Platform: Nintendo DS Rated E for Everyone. Learn more here.For information about the modified return policy, please click here Genre: cards/puzzles Size: One ... $ 11.04 +8.95 shipping 2.31 out of 5
  • Tech Details

    • Game Special Features
    • Head to outer space to track down important tools and help recharge the sun

    • Collect more than 400 objects in 36 levels spread throughout 12 planets

    • Earn fuel and unlock new planets by solving six different logic puzzles

    • Control Elements Gamepad/Joystick
    • Release Year 2010
  • Key Features

    • Rating E - Everyone
    • Platform Nintendo DS
  • Product Identifiers

    • UPC 078073273614
    • Game I Spy Universe
    • MPN 078073273614
  • Other Features

    • Brand Scholastic, Inc.
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