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Manufacturer: Tecmo KOEI

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UPN: 045496903435

Fight hordes of Hyrule villains Dynasty-Warriors-style in 'Legend of Zelda Hyrule Warriors' for the Wii U. Join Link, Zelda, and more of your favorite characters in a clash for survival against the forces of Cia, a corrupted sorceress who is under the influence of the evil Ganondorf. Slash, dash, and pummel your way through waves of enemies with the game's classic brawler game mechanics that give you a whole new perspective of the land of Hyrule. Supporting two-player co-op, grab a buddy to help you smash through the enemy ranks as any of the heroes in the game’s famous roster, each with their unique set of moves that keep gameplay exciting, and ultimately thwart the evil desires of your evil arch nemesis.

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Hyrule Warriors Wii U Physical Game Disc US Hyrule Warriors, the imaginative upcoming game for the Wii U console, combines the action-packed game play of Tecmo Koei's Dynasty Warriors series with the iconic characters and worlds from The Legend of Zelda series. In addition to the focused action game play of leading one soldier against a massive horde of enemies, the Dynasty Warriors series is also known for its epic storyline. In this game, players control Link as ... $ 51.95 +6.95 shipping
  • Tech Details

    • Game Special Features
    • Join Link and other classic Legend of Zelda characters for hack-and-slash action

    • Use iconic items like the bow and hookshot to take down hordes of foes and huge bosses

    • Collect Rupees to upgrade characters and weapons

    • Team up with a friend for local co-op multiplayer

    • Control Elements Gamepad/Joystick
    • Number of Players 1-2
    • Release Year 2014
    • ESRB Descriptor Fantasy Violence, Suggestive Themes
  • Key Features

    • Rating T - Teen
    • Genre Action, Adventure
    • Platform Nintendo Wii U
  • Product Identifiers

    • UPC 045496903435
    • Game Hyrule Warriors
    • MPN 045496903435
  • Other Features

    • Brand Nintendo
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