Estee Lauder Beautiful Love 2.5oz  Women's Perfume - 027131479185

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Manufacturer: Estee Lauder

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UPN: 027131479185

Indulge yourself into the romantic and passionate fragrance of the Beautiful Love. Composed of beautiful and exotic scent of the various notes, this Estee Lauder women's perfume exudes a modern and creamy feel. This Estee Lauder fragrance unwraps with notes of pomelo, cantaloupe, and mango emitting strong fruity-floral start. The middle notes of the Beautiful Love consist of tiare, tuberose, and jasmine gives you an adrenal rush of being in love. Finally this Estee Lauder women's perfume dries down to notes of Heliotrope and Vetiver spreads energetic and vibrant scent. Packed in a sober clear glass bottle with a pink-gold colored cap, this Estee Lauder fragrance makes a good wear for everyday.

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