Dyson V6 - Chrome - Handheld Cleaner - 885609004662

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Manufacturer: Dyson

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UPN: 885609004662

Vacuum anywhere with the Dyson White 209472-01 Handheld cordless device. The thin design is ideal for bedrooms, bathrooms, cars, and other small areas where it is difficult to plug in a vacuum. The vacuum is super lightweight, making it easy to carry and use anywhere in your home. This cordless vacuum can run for 20 minutes and only takes a few hours to fully recharge. A small pivot head on the vacuum rotates and captures dirt underneath even tight and small areas. A small canister near the handle of the vacuum can be emptied into a garbage can within seconds. It is self-contained and easy to maintain because it does not require bags or filter purchases. Its slim style also makes it easy to store beneath a piece of furniture or in a small closet.

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