Dunlop Kirk Hammet KH95 Wah Guitar Effect Pedal - 710137042285

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Manufacturer: Dunlop

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UPN: 710137042285

Get the desired wah effect on your guitar performance with the Kirk Hammet KH95 effect pedal. This Dunlop Wah Guitar Effect Pedal is based on Kirk's EQ, volume and tone settings that ensure killer tones and exceptionally clear volume. Additionally, this Dunlop Effect Pedal offers good even response. The Kirk Hammet KH95 has thick top end and offers wide range, so you are sure to get that desired effect for the performance. Furthermore, this Dunlop Wah Guitar Effect Pedal also has cool foot bone graphics. The nine volt battery of this Dunlop Effect Pedal can be kept in the access compartment, so it becomes easy to change the batteries.

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