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In Call of Duty: Black Ops for the Nintendo DS, Activision's seminal first-person combat game returns, this time tailored towards clandestine missions and top-secret tasks. The game offers a single-player storyline designed to offer another perspective on the events that occur in the console versions and elaboration on the former’s narrative gaps. Take on the role of a CIA-sponsored fighter as you covertly battle in a 16-mission campaign throughout Cuba, Vietnam, the Soviet Union, and other relevant Cold War locales. Offering over a dozen rare weapons and tools, Call of Duty: Black Ops ups the ante by including an option to man attack helicopters and fighter jets. The game offers several multiplayer options, such as a two-player co-op campaign and online six-player combat, in over six arenas. Black Ops for the DS also includes an amusing zombie mode with a single and multiplayer option.

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