Cabela's African Adventures (Sony PlayStation 4, 2015) - 047875770591

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Outdoor outfitter Cabela's continues its long-running hunting series as gamers explore vast open-world environments and try to track down the biggest and most dangerous animals the continent has to offer in Cabela's African Adventures. Players can freely explore five different biomes on foot or in vehicles, using a variety of different firearms and hunting tools to track down and kill rhinos, lions, elephants, and other wild beasts. Solo gamers can take on the mission-based Safari mode, while up to four can participate in a variety of multiplayer shooting galleries.

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Cabela's African Adventures: PS4 Cabela's game takes hunting fans to Africa, where they can take virtual aim at rhinos, lions, elephants, and more $ 34.99
  • Tech Details

    • Control Elements Gamepad/Joystick
    • Release Year 2015
  • Key Features

    • Rating T - Teen
    • Genre Sports
    • Platform Sony PlayStation 4
  • Other Features

    • Brand Activision
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