C896T (7Y743) Black Ink Cartridge -

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The C896T black ink cartridge is a replacement cartridge that is designed for use with Dell All-in-One printers. The 7Y743 black toner is compatible with the following Dell printers: All-in-One A940 and the All-in-One A960 printer. This black toner cartridge has a 600 page production limit when coverage of a document is at five percent or lower. The C896T black ink cartridge is designed with a microscopic ink-drop size that is constructed to provide crisp and clear document production. The 7Y743 black toner provides black and gray-scale documents in page limits that are around 600. The black toner cartridge works well with Dell printers and is able to be easily installed through a simple click in method. The ink cartridge is manufactured by Dell to work with their All-in-One printers of the series A940 and A960 and can last long enough to provide homes with hundreds of printed documents. The C896T black ink cartridge is designed to provide users of Dell All-in-One printers with a replacement ink cartridge for their printer units.

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