BonJour Monet 8-Cup 8 Cups Coffee Maker - Clear - 747660010085

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A good choice for busy people who love great coffee, this BonJour coffeemaker is dependable and sleek. This manual coffeemaker is the ultimate solution for casual and serious coffee drinkers. Epicures, coffee lovers, and office workers delight in the reliability and quality of this BonJour coffeemaker. Featuring intense flavor, versatility, and ease of use, the BonJour Monet fulfills your needs. The BonJour Monet is a fast brew, allowing you to promptly pour fresh hot coffee to get on with your day. Also, this BonJour coffeemaker is easily operated, allowing you to conveniently produce great coffee with minimal effort. As this manual coffeemaker has a high-quality brewing mechanism, you can relish the warmth, purity, and freshness every single time you brew. Produce cup after cup of comforting, delightful coffee thanks to the plentiful eight-cup pot size featured with the BonJour Monet.

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