79 (T079220) Cyan Ink Cartridge - 843964013712

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UPN: 843964013712

An elegant solution for printing out thousands of presentations and reports, this cartridge is economical and compatible. This cyan ink cartridge is an excellent solution for keeping your printer running for a long time. If you want accurate reproductions and crisp legibility, this cartridge gives you what you need. You can produce pages and pages of images, tables, and charts because the T079220 has a great lifetime. This cartridge is perfect for detailed images, which enables you to repeatedly print vivid letters, college papers, and photos. The brilliant quick-drying ink featured on this cyan ink cartridge helps you to delight in the colorful images and excellent readability in your bank statements, invoices, and figures. Furthermore, the T079220 is very easily installed, which enables you to confidently use it in your printer without hassle.

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