15M1330 (12A1970) Black Ink Cartridge - 734646120623

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UPN: 734646120623

The Lexmark 15M1330 black ink cartridge is especially designed for the Lexmark Optra Color Z11/X125 series. This Lexmark twin pack cartridge produces up to 1,200 pages with 5% coverage. This black ink cartridge is compatible with Lexmark Z11, Lexmark X125, and Lexmark Z31, Lexmark 3200, Lexmark Optra Color 40 and much more. This Lexmark twin pack cartridge utilizes the full range of inkjet technologies, from accurate print-heads to specially formulated inks. This black ink cartridge delivers deep, rich black inks, for a more impressive output. The Lexmark 15M1330 cartridge has a higher ejection pressure that makes great-looking prints.

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