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Working from Home is the New Norm with online meeting and video conferencing

Video Conference Meeting

With the events of 2020, working from home has finally come to the forefront of businesses around the world. Video conferencing has existed for quite a while now, both for enterprise and consumers. And, as technology has improved so has the accessibility and ease of use of video conferencing.

When we look at today’s technological landscape, in fact, we seem to be in a position to leverage video chat and video meetings far more than ever before. With these new changes, we now have a shift away from what we could consider Video and Audio Conferencing or Collaboration solutions, and further into what can be defined as Meeting Solutions.

With certain restrictions, many people find themselves not being able to visit friends and relatives like they did before. Even more reason for connecting online via video.

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The Convenience of Buying Groceries Online


Consumers have really embraced the convenience of online grocery shopping of late, with many stores and services popping up to make it easier on you and your wallet.

Grocery shopping online can save you hours every year. No more navigating traffic. No more queues at the checkout. Spend 5 minutes shopping online in comfort instead and have your groceries arrive at the front door. And if you have small children then you’ll appreciate how much time and stress could be saved when you can pick up your order at any time online.

Shopping within a budget also becomes easier. Check your cart value as you compare products all from the one interface, within the comfort of your own home (or work!) can keep you within your shopping budget. Add in the fact you can make lists and manage it all easily does make the task a lot easier. There’s no more embarrassing moments at the checkout if you run over budget!

Delivery can often be very convenient too having your groceries delivered to your doorstep.

Instacart is an American company that operates as a sometimes-same-day grocery delivery service. Customers select groceries through a web application from various retailers and the order is delivered by a personal shopper.

Not only can groceries be delivered, but you can also find basic essentials being delivered such as replacement blades for trimmers too.

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Online Fashion Shopping – Dresses, Skirts, Tops, Bottoms, Accessories and more

Fashion Accessories

There are a lot of big benefits to buying fashion pieces (clothing, accessories including jewelry, and shoes) online – but you need to know exactly what you are doing or you are going to end up spending a lot more money (and a lot more time) ordering pieces that don’t fit, that aren’t what they appeared to be, and that you aren’t excited about when they get delivered.

In order to help make sure that doesn’t happen, we’ve put together a couple of quick tips and tricks to help you buy top-quality fashion pieces online at prices that are almost too good to be true!

We’re also going to mention a number of our favorite online fashion retailers such as American ApparelDress Barn, Necessary Clothing NYC , the infamous Tommy Hilfiger, and you cannot go past Target we’ll also drop in a few merchants who specialize in specific accessories.

If you’re after something more sophisticated then Ghurka is fast becoming a an outlet for not only stylish fashion, but they also cater for vintage and travel gifts for friends and your home.

Get concrete about your measurements
All of us are familiar with the fact that one manufacturer’s size “medium” is another manufacturers size “large” – or “small” – which is why you’re going to need to know your measurements when shopping online and not just the size that you usually squeeze into.

Almost all top-quality online fashion retailers are going to provide you with information about the actual size of their clothing, and you will be able to use your measurements to determine which size to order. Guess and Doll House are some of our go-to sites when it comes to Dresses and Tops/Bottoms and both offer extensive sizing guides. Sometimes Google shopping your merchant with the words “size guide” can be quicker eg. “Lulus Size Guide”

This is going to help you avoid ordering close online that do not fit as well as they should, and it’s going to make the purchasing process a lot easier – and a lot faster!

You can either get your hands on a sewing tape measure or visit a tailor or seamstress and have them measure you professionally. At most they are only going to charge you a couple of dollars, and you really use this information from here on out to get close that really fit from the Internet.

Pay close attention to reviews
Online reviews have absolutely transformed the way that people shop online, and they are maybe our most precious resource when purchasing pieces of fashion from retailers on the Internet. An example is Styles For Less who has an awesome list of followers on Facebook where you can read up on customer reviews.

You are going to be able to use this inside information – information you simply never would have had access to before you became a

Boots are super important to get the right fit & reading reviews can really help

Boots are super important to get the right fit & reading reviews can really help

customer – to decide whether or not these clothes or shoes are worth purchasing in the first place, are going to fit you the way that they advertise, and as high quality as the promotional pictures appear.

Focus particularly on information in these reviews that focus on size, fit, and overall quality. Le Mystere is a great source, not only for lingerie, but they’re helpful fitting guides and fashionable products that update for each season.

We’ve found Necessary Clothing NYC have a great list of reviews and they back it up with a great range of clothing and shoes. Tidebuy also have a massive online following & checking out their Facebook page gives you great insight into how well this merchant is connected with it’s customers.

Zero in on their customer service department
Even though we would love to tell you that shopping online has become absolutely effortless and complication free, that isn’t exactly the honest truth.

Sure, online ordering has become a lot more simple and a lot more straightforward – but you are still going to run into mistakes, missteps, and pieces that you aren’t happy with from time to time. The Union is one of our staff’s favorite retailers for the simplicity in marketing their products and how easy it is to make an order.

This is why you’ll want to be sure that you are only working with companies that have great customer service departments. These customer service departments should be friendly, easy to contact, and the part of a company that offers very friendly return policies. You do not want to get stuck with pieces of clothing that you do not want any longer, just because of mistakes made when ordering the clothing or mistakes made by the retailer themselves.

We’ve heard great things about Tommy Hilfiger and being an internationally recognized brand, they’re most likely keen to serve you as it’s in their best interest. Timberland is in the same boat – you see them all around the world, and  they’ve been around for years.

For kids, try The Childrens Place. Moms are greeted by the latest fashion trends and everyday essentials for kids in sizes newborn to 14. The Childrens Place offers a wide assortment of quality clothing, shoes and accessories… all available at unmatched value.

Customer service can make or break the experience that you have with online retailers, and may be the only point of interaction that you have with these companies. Great customer service will have you coming back time and time again, while poor customer service may be reason enough to not order in the first place!

Don’t forget your accessories..there’s so many to choose from and they can really make an outfit work. Both Fashionmia and Yes Style have a great range of accessories for every occasion.

Bohme are another great source when it comes to accessorizing with fashionable bags.

If you’re looking for jewelry then Jewelry Room are a great resource  to start with if you’re looking for jewelry or accessories and want to purchase from a merchant who really knows their rings, watches, gold and diamond products.

Online Fashion Shopping
Note that the current trend of online fashion retailers mostly bring a lot of their products in from China. It makes sense to sometimes browse the Chinese retailer sites direct. There’s many to choose from and after a rocky start, their reputation has gained some traction, especially amongst those that offer a strong social media presence.

Some of the bigger retailers include Nasty Dress, Fashionmia, Sammy Dress and Yes Style. There’s so many more and the list continues to grow. We find a new one almost every week! Prices are great, due to the competition, and considering China manufactures just about everything, there’s new products being released all of the time.

We try to source these products to make it easy for you to search them from a single site. Please make use of our search features to help you find your online fashion products and buy online – it’s so much easier


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Buying Insurance Online or From an Agent – What is Easiest?

Buy Insurance Online

Insurance purchasing tips and tricks you can use to save hundreds of dollars a year

It’s possible to save hundreds and hundreds of dollars on your insurance every single year, but only if you know how to take advantage of all the insurance tips and tricks we are going to share with you below.

Yes, Buying Insurance Online sounds like a change from the past where discussing your insurance needs with an Agent was the norm. Not anymore though, with the explosion of Insurance Providers on the Internet such as Allianz Travel Insurance, you can Buy Insurance Online with ease.

Leverage the inside information we are going to share and you’ll cut your insurance costs dramatically – and you’ll be able to help other people that you care about cut their insurance costs as well!

Comparing each and every one of your options, not on price, but instead on value

The first thing that you need to do to save money on insurance (whether you’re buying auto insurance, health insurance, travel insurance, or homeowners insurance – it makes no difference) is to compare all of your options as intelligently as possible.

A lot of people simply jump online, search for insurance quotes, and then compare the final figures that they are provided from these online sites against one another – never really digging any deeper.

What a big mistake.

Instead of looking only at the price of the insurance that you’re going to be asked to pay, you also need to make sure that you are looking at the value of the insurance you are receiving.

For example, spending $15 more a month on insurance may be advantageous if you’re getting hundreds of dollars of extra coverage in the process. This is something that a lot of people overlook, but a mistake that you aren’t going to make moving forward.

Bundle absolutely everything whenever possible to save the most amount of money

Secondly, you are going to want to try and bundle absolutely everything you can to drop the cost of individual insurances as much as humanly possible.

Bringing together a number of insurance coverages under a single roof will help you save the most amount of money, and you won’t just be able to save money on one of your insurance plans but instead all of them.

Bundles are advertised rather aggressively these days, and they really do (often times) represent the best deals you’re going to find anywhere. Take advantage of everything bundles have to offer whenever you get the chance to.

Jack up your deductibles whenever you can to save on monthly premiums

It may not always be possible, but anytime you are able to comfortably increase your deductible you’re going to be able to save quite a bit of money. In fact, raising your deductible by as little as thousand dollars can help you save upwards of $25 a month – and sometimes significantly more than that.

You’ll have to save money to cover this deductible, but you will be able to save money to cover the deductible with all of the money that you’re saving on premiums.

Don’t be shy about asking for “hidden discounts”

Of course, you’d also have to be at least a little bit crazy not to take advantage of any of the “hidden discounts” that most every single insurance company on the planet has to offer.

These hidden discounts are usually in the form of unadvertised discounts they offer for specific groups of people or people that hit specific qualifications (think discounts for the military or discounts for safe drivers and good students).

These discounts can usually be combined with other discount opportunities – especially bundles and increased deductibles – and can result in dramatic savings every single year.

At the end of the day, it’s important to realize that there are some different opportunities available for you to take advantage of when you’re looking to save money on your insurance going forward.

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Just about everything you need to know to Save Money on Auto Parts

Car & Truck Auto Parts

It’s pretty much a given that at some point in time your cars or trucks are going to break down, are going to need to be maintained, and are going to require auto parts to be swapped out and replaced.

At the same time, it isn’t a guarantee that you’re going to have to pay an arm and a leg to have your vehicle back to better than brand-new condition – not if you know how to shop for the best auto parts without breaking your bank account along the way.

Sure, it’s critical that you end up working with an honest mechanic to help you get the best possible prices on repairs and auto parts (or you can save quite a bit of money and never have to question integrity when doing the work on your own), but if you want to be certain that you aren’t getting gouged on auto parts, pay close attention to the tips and tricks we are able to share with you below.

Take advantage of online auto parts clearing houses
Though there is certainly something to be said about purchasing OEM (original manufacturer equipment) directly from the company that built your cars or trucks in the first place, most of the time you’re not only going to find better deals on aftermarket parts – but they’re actually going to be better parts as well.

For all auto parts then Auto Parts Warehouse would have to be one of the better known companies who stock a massive range of products.

And if you’re looking for something outdoors – ie tractors and such, then you can’t go past the national retailer Tractor Supply.

Many of these aftermarket parts are going to be designed specifically to increase performance, boost durability, and resolve any and all issues that may have been caused by original manufacturers cutting corners.

Online auto parts clearinghouses and warehouse style websites can usually provide you with the best deals, as they cut out the middleman and offer parts directly from the people that make them.

This should be your first visit when you want to save money on your auto parts.

Buy Tires Online
There’s a lot of choice when it comes to buying tires. It’s not just the huge range of manufacturers, there’s a lot of online tire suppliers. We list a few here to make it easy to compare prices by simply searching for your tire size.

There’s some reputable online tire retailers like Tire Crazy who offer a great range of tires at competitive prices. They also have regular promotions so it’s worth keeping in mind when you may be up for new tires, simply so that you’re not having to rush out and buy new tires immediately.

Don’t be shy about visiting your local salvage yard
Secondly, you might be able to score fantastic deals on used auto parts at local junkyards or salvage yards in the area.

A lot of people have no idea that these “car, truck, and SUV graveyards” are a gold mine for parts, and if you’re willing to take the part out of the vehicle after you find it in the boneyard, you’ll almost always be able to get it for a fraction of the price that you would have paid for a brand-new one.

You’ll find tires in solid condition, all kinds of mechanical parts, body components, and even audio and nav systems from time to time!

Obviously, scouring local salvage yards and auto graveyards is going to be a little bit hit and miss – you never know what you’re going to find or if the vehicles there will have the parts you need – but if you have a couple of hours on a weekend to do a little bit of hunting it’s a great way to save a boatload of money.

Craigslist, eBay, and other online classified/auction websites can be your best friend
Finally, you can scour craigslist, eBay, and other online classified or auction websites to get your hands on the auto parts that you’re looking for.

The beautiful thing about these websites is that they aren’t only filled with car parts – sometimes of rare and relatively hard to find auto parts – but you’re also able to request parts that you’re looking for and have your ads posted online as well.

This gives you a lot of leverage when you’re hunting for specific auto parts, and you’ll also be able to share with the community exactly what you’re looking to pay. These prices are usually quite negotiable (up and down), so don’t be shy about asking for an even better deal if you’re not willing to pay “retail”.

Again if you can’t find anything, we highly suggest you visit the likes of  Advance Auto Parts or Parts Geek who are hugely popular for the main reason that they stock millions of auto parts at competitive prices.


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Tips for buying Gifts Online


Chocolates, candy (like Jelly Belly!), toys, baskets, vouchers, movie tickets, cigars and flowers are all common ideas for gifts that cover men, women and children. But sometimes it’s nice to think outside of the box and surprise someone with a thoughtful gift.

Christmas gifts are rapidly becoming replaced with Gift Cards. Did you know that? They’re so handy, can be spent anyway the receiver likes and some research has suggested receivers aren’t offended by receiving a gift card, especially if you’ve put in some thought as to where it can be spent.

Got a man in your life? We have the perfect idea from a company called Manscaped who provide “tools” for trimming all types of body hair. With a few different packages, there’s a number of options to buy for a gift that every man needs.

Gym memberships have also become popular as well as magazine subscriptions. They both tie into the “useful” category where the receiver would’ve bought them anyway. If you’re shopping for a fitness addict then TRX offer a great range of products & have a big following.

Consider providing an “experience” like a tour, a sky dive, tickets to an event…basically anything that someone can do and it’ll be a memory forever. Not something tangible that can break, something that makes the receiver really sit up and take notice that you care and that you’ve just given them a memorable experience.

If  you’re gift shopping for a fashionista then do take a JustFab who offer an amazing range of modern, designer clothing and accessories for men and women. Some items are pricey, but it depends on your taste. They also have a kids version,  FabKids, who are equally up to the task of providing modern, funky kids clothing and accessories at great prices.

For me kids clothing you can’t go past The Childrens Place, they have a massive range of fantastic kids clothing options and shoes. We’ve shopped with them ourselves several times.

If you know anyone in college (who doesn’t!) then Our Campus Market is a great resource to find something special for both students and parents.

Charitable gifts are also becoming more popular. You can sponsor a child, buy seeds for a village to grow their own food or you can even donate your own time to a charitable organization and have them print a certificate as proof that you’ve done it. All of the above work really well for someone who has it all.

Makeup and cosmetics are a great idea for the fashion conscious. Face it, you won’t hear too many women say they have enough makeup. We like Sephora for their great range of Makeup, Skincare, Perfume and more at competitive prices. They’re a reputable company that have been around for a long time.

When you deliver the gift, make it an’s supposed to be exciting and fun! Mix it up each time, try hiding it & giving hints on where to look. Wrap it differently and inventively. Pinterest and Google Images are a great source to finding ideas.

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What to Consider when Buying the Latest Refrigerator

Best Refrigerator

Ever since mankind started storing food inside, the type of refrigeration used to keep perishable items cool has been of paramount importance. These days, savvy consumers can compare refrigerator prices thoroughly before buying because there is such an abundance of choice. In most homes, the refrigerator is a major appliance that becomes a focal point of the kitchen. Some homes even feature a refrigerator in other spaces such as recreational dens, garages, and even bedrooms. In order to find the exact model for your intended purposes, you must know what to consider before buying the latest refrigerator, and the price of the unit is just the tip of the iceberg.

Be Sure the Price is Nice

Of course, being able to compare refrigerator prices is important. Sometimes, you can find a really great appliance without spending a lot of money. Still, there are units which come with a low price tag but simply do not have what you desire. You want to figure out what you desire in a refrigerator and then set a budget so that you can discover the perfect one. Keep in mind that the best models will cost a few hundred dollars, and that some of the better units may carry a price tag in the thousands. Depending on your needs, you could end up having to finance your appliance to get what you want.

*Hint: Ask the merchant about discounts, deals, and special rebates before you make your purchase.

How Much Space You Have for the Unit

Among the many options to consider, be sure you think about how much space you have in your kitchen for a refrigerator. Most units are measured in cubic inches, so take a moment to double check what sort of space limitations you have. Often, the refrigerator price is partially determined by this simple measurement, so get it done with accuracy if you want to save some time on searching for the most ideal model. Try to think about the power usage of the model you choose as well, since some units are considered to be more energy efficient than others.

*Hint: look for the Energy Star label.

What Sort of Design You Desire

Aside from the size of refrigerator you want, you also need to consider the type of model you require. A lot of tasteful people opt for a Samsung refrigerator unit because they tend to be much more high tech than others. Between the convenient temperature control mechanisms and the sleek design, many consumers opt to pay a little more for these remarkable attributes. In addition, the French door refrigerator seems to be an extremely popular choice among today’s homeowner. These attractive models transform the look of the room while still providing the user with superb food cooling and preservation.

If you like the idea of a water dispenser in your fridge, make sure you bookmark Fridge Filters and Discount Filters as you’ll need to replace the filter every now and then.

*Hint: more modern designs typically cost more, but some discontinued units might give you money-saving options that are still high tech.

Which Brand You Prefer

As mentioned, a new Samsung refrigerator is often considered to be one of the best brands available on the modern market. However, there are usually several different models available through each manufacturer. In addition, certain brands come with a quality guarantee or even some sort of warranty. Though this option may cost a little more, the price will be quite a bit lower than buying an entirely new unit all over again. The refrigerator price you find should include such a warranty, and if it doesn’t, then it may be best for you to continue your search in order to find one that does.

Where to Buy Appliances (Online or Instore)

Sears, The Home Depot, Lowes, Appliances Connection, AJ Madison & US Appliance are just a few of the major online appliance retailers and all of them will stock a major range of the latest refrigerators. This is where we can help, as we try to list as many of these products to let you search and compare refrigerator prices online using our website.

Just be sure to checkout the fine print like delivery charges and warranties and also keep in mind regular sales these retailers hold.

Another bookmark you need to make is a source for refrigerator parts you may need to buy in the future. For this we recommend Appliance Parts Pros, who stock a massive range of parts for all appliances.

Finally don’t forget to stock your fridge with See’s Candies!

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Tips for Finding the Best Travel Deals

Vacation Package

Travelling is such an enjoyable experience that nearly everybody wants to do it at least once in their lifetime. However, with the staggering costs associated with a comfortable trip, not everyone can add a journey to their bucket list. In order to make it happen, most people spend a good amount of time searching for the best travel deals. While this is always a good plan if you want to save some money, it can be quite time consuming if you don’t know where to start.

Choose Where You Want to Go and How You Want to Get There

Before you start searching for the best travel deals, you have to know where you want travel, or else you will spend a lot of valuable time banging your head against a virtual wall of options. The world is a big place, and there are lots of exciting places to visit. Unless you have some idea as to where you want to go and a rough plan on how you want to get there, you could be talked into something that will turn out to be not-so-enjoyable because you don’t know any better.

Ask yourself if you want to look into cruises, rides by train, or available flights. Also consider what kind of hotels you plan to stay in, and compare prices to find something that is within your budget. If you have no idea, then a website like FlightHub can do all the searching for you and you simply select what price is appropriate for you.

Or maybe you just want to pick a destination, say Las Vegas, and book everything through a specialist travel consultant. For this example, we like Caesars Entertainment, who can offer hotel rooms and accommodation throughout Vegas and they can also help you book a show or even a flight.

Try Using a Travel Comparison Site

First, you should realize that there are some handy ways to find the best travel deals before you book your next trip. A lot of savvy people use a travel comparison websites, yet some folks don’t even know what those are, despite the fact that they probably already use one. Put simply, a travel comparison operator is a conveniently designed website which acts as a virtual travel agent.

You search for the accommodations you desire through the search engine and then narrow down the results based on your specific needs. Using this kind of travel supermarket allows you to see what a vast majority of providers offer, making your choice much easier and much less expensive in the long run.

Some of our favorite travel comparison sites include Hotwire and Booking Buddy who compare flights, hotels, rental cars, cruises & vacation packages.

Buy Your Vacation Accommodations in Bulk

Your trip needs to include things like flights and hotels (from say Red Roof Hotels), but those accommodations can become costly when you buy them from separate sources. One of the best parts about using a travel supermarket is the fact that you can typically get what you need from one single provider, and the price is usually quite a bit more affordable. When you buy your flight tickets and/or book your stay at the best hotels as a package deal, you tend to save a lot of money and can even become privy to special deals, discounts, and incentives.

Speaking of hotels, we have to mention our regular supplier to search first is Holiday Inn. They have hundreds of locations and are always very competitively priced which helps if you need to book in somewhere quick and not worry about paying too much. Restaurants, Bars, Internet Access and other great amenities are available at all Holiday Inn locations as well.

Look for Bundles Which Offer Travel Insurance

When going on a trip, part of the allure is that adventure awaits you with open arms. Still, adventure can come in different forms – even in the form of mishap. While you search for the best travel deals, try to purchase something which offers some sort of comprehensive travel insurance from someone like Allianz Travel Insurance. This option will not only keep you safe, but it will also provide you with some peace-of-mind on your trip. Usually, travel insurance is not that expensive, but the benefits you get from using it can be priceless, especially if the unthinkable happens.

Traveling can be an unforgettable experience if you play your cards right. If not, you could have a terrible time that costs you a lot of money. To find the best travel deals, use the resources that are available to you in the age of information.

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The Latest Trends in Shoes


If you are a real shoe nut (and more and more of them are coming out of the woodwork each day), the odds are pretty good that you’ve been keeping apprised of all the latest shoe trends out there – and might even be trying to get ahead of the “next big thing” in the world of footwear.

Well, we aren’t going to be able to give you any inside information as to what people are going crazy about strapping to their feet in the future, but we are going to give you a bit of a peak into the latest trends in the world of footwear today.

If you’re just after a quick start on making a purchase on the current fashion trends shoes, then checkout ShoeDazzle. With a few simple questions, you’ll be presented with some excellent recommendations which are continually being updated to match the fashion season.

Shoes are ALWAYS changing

The important thing to remember is that the world of footwear is always evolving, always changing, and always innovating.

Even dress shoes (as “standard fare” as it gets in the world of footwear) are now being manufactured out of different materials, using different – yet still classically inspired – designs, and becoming more and more creative. GH Bass & Co are a great example of using classic designs, in modern styles and have stood the test of time and the same message can be applied to Timberland for men.

This is a reflection of the modern footwear trend in general, and something that you’re going to definitely have to get used to if you aren’t already. is a perfect example of an online retailer who stays with the trends and continually adds to their catalog of mens & womens shoes to buy online. They’re usually the first online shoe retailer we visit to check on the prices before comparing to others.

Current Trends Mens Shoes are getting Simpler while Women’s shoes are getting Crazier

As far as shoes for men are concerned, the trend here in 2021 (and for the foreseeable future) is definitely for these shoes to get simpler and simpler as far as design and aesthetics are concerned.

Men’s fashion is very minimalist these days, focusing instead on quality as opposed to loud designs that draw as much attention to them as possible (sometimes not in the best ways). Footwear for men very much reflects this kind of approach, which is why shoes for men have gotten so streamlined in just about every way possible.

Think of TOMS Shoes in their minimalist approach and you’ll understand where the shoes for men community is headed. And for the man who likes to venture outdoors, then you can’t go past the shoes at Cabela’s

Shoes for women, on the other hand, are definitely trending in the opposite direction.

These shoes are getting crazier and crazier (and we mean that in the best of ways), with some of the most inventive and creative shoes hitting the market in the spring of 2015. A lot of these shoes look like they belong on the catwalk as opposed to being sold in the Zappos shoes department, but it’s part of a women’s fashion trend that is focusing more on color, pop, and personality than anything else.

Take Lord & Taylor for example, they offer a great range of the latest footwear and fashion for women and it’s all done tastefully.

Running shoes and training shoes are taking advantage of technical fabrics and unique engineering

Shoes specifically designed for training remain very much the same as they always have, with one major exception – these shoes are now taking advantage of technical fabrics and unique engineering designed to squeeze every drop of performance out of athletes as possible.

These shoes have been designed to support athletes in just about every way imaginable, giving them the kind of perfect footfall that they need to produce a repeatable step so that they never have to worry about sacrificing any of their athleticism because of the shoes they have on their feet.

Supercomputers all over the world are working on new designs based off of biometric information collected from athletes around the globe, and that information is being used to engineer these shoes today.

A quick watch of one of our favorite athletic shoe retailers is Footlocker who are constantly updating their massive range of shoes. Keep an eye on them for great deals.

Kids shoes are still a lot of fun!

Of course, shoes for children remain some of the most adorable options in the footwear world, and likely always will.

These shoes are built around two key concepts – that they should be as much fun as they can be but they should also be as safe and as durable as humanly possible. After all, children are known to rip through multiple pairs of shoes just as quickly as they can, and you want to be sure that you’re getting the most bang for your buck.

Skechers is a well known shoe brand who make amazing kids shoes (as well as for adults!) and can stand the test of time and punishment. Almost every person on the planet has seen someone in Skechers shoes and their range continues to grow.

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