Tips for buying Gifts Online


Chocolates, candy (like Jelly Belly!), toys, baskets, vouchers, movie tickets, cigars and flowers are all common ideas for gifts that cover men, women and children. But sometimes it’s nice to think outside of the box and surprise someone with a thoughtful gift.

Christmas gifts are rapidly becoming replaced with Gift Cards. Did you know that? They’re so handy, can be spent anyway the receiver likes and some research has suggested receivers aren’t offended by receiving a gift card, especially if you’ve put in some thought as to where it can be spent.

Got a man in your life? We have the perfect idea from a company called Manscaped who provide “tools” for trimming all types of body hair. With a few different packages, there’s a number of options to buy for a gift that every man needs.

Gym memberships have also become popular as well as magazine subscriptions. They both tie into the “useful” category where the receiver would’ve bought them anyway. If you’re shopping for a fitness addict then TRX offer a great range of products & have a big following.

Consider providing an “experience” like a tour, a sky dive, tickets to an event…basically anything that someone can do and it’ll be a memory forever. Not something tangible that can break, something that makes the receiver really sit up and take notice that you care and that you’ve just given them a memorable experience.

If  you’re gift shopping for a fashionista then do take a JustFab who offer an amazing range of modern, designer clothing and accessories for men and women. Some items are pricey, but it depends on your taste. They also have a kids version,  FabKids, who are equally up to the task of providing modern, funky kids clothing and accessories at great prices.

For me kids clothing you can’t go past The Childrens Place, they have a massive range of fantastic kids clothing options and shoes. We’ve shopped with them ourselves several times.

If you know anyone in college (who doesn’t!) then Our Campus Market is a great resource to find something special for both students and parents.

Charitable gifts are also becoming more popular. You can sponsor a child, buy seeds for a village to grow their own food or you can even donate your own time to a charitable organization and have them print a certificate as proof that you’ve done it. All of the above work really well for someone who has it all.

Makeup and cosmetics are a great idea for the fashion conscious. Face it, you won’t hear too many women say they have enough makeup. We like Sephora for their great range of Makeup, Skincare, Perfume and more at competitive prices. They’re a reputable company that have been around for a long time.

When you deliver the gift, make it an’s supposed to be exciting and fun! Mix it up each time, try hiding it & giving hints on where to look. Wrap it differently and inventively. Pinterest and Google Images are a great source to finding ideas.

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